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Who We Are


Guitar & Producer


Vocals & Bass


Drums (Side note: I’m still waiting on this punk to give me a good photo of himself so here’s another picture of Steffan pointing at you with passion)

A little bit about us:

3 Brothers = Leader

Members: Luke (Def the best looking one) // Steffan // Nick

From: Chicago, IL

Established: 2015

BIO: Rock music! Awe yeah! Established in late 2015 we are new to the crowd and ready to kill it. If you like Breaking Benjamin, Red, Skillet or Linkin Park then you will probably like what we do! We are very grateful to have the opportunity to write and produce the music we love and it is our dream to share it with you.

Beyond the Music: For us, music is a way in which we can express emotion. Love, pain, worship, happiness, etc. All of our songs have back stories. Many of the stories are our own. We are here to share our story with you and we would love you to share your story with us. Our goal is to inspire and come along side others the best we can using the medium of music.

Band Interests: Food. Mostly food. Friends, coffee, fishing, spontaneous high fives, British &/or Australian accents, photography & video, web design, Netflix